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Toby I

Oct 26, 2020

Privacy statement for SP Insider

our company requires the review of a privacy statement before enabling an extension for Chrome. Can you provide a link to the privacy statement for your extension?

Phil Worrell

Dec 4, 2019

SharePoint Online Modern experience

Great tool, just I cannot get it to work with modern sites, is this a known issue?
The extension just does not recognise the page as being SharePoint, works on our classic sites without any issue. Would be great for just seeing all the other settings and REST queries etc.

Lutz Beyer

Oct 22, 2019

Does not work in Edge Chromium

I love this app but for some reason it does not work in Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. Would it be possible to check if we can use this app in Edge ?


Michael Galyon

Jun 22, 2018

Please make it possible to copy the json out from a REST call

I'd really like to be able to use the real data easily for Mock data in an SPFX webpart, but while I can test the REST Api with your tool, I should really have the option to copy the returned data out.

Michael Comer

Mar 15, 2018

Copy to clipboard not working

The copy to clipboard feature does not work when looking at any of the item.

Otherwise this is a great tool

Christine King

Aug 2, 2017

Find outbound links to specific domain

Just wondered if I can use the query tool to find all outbound links to pages & docs on our old site.
I think people may have copied and pasted from the old site but don't know how to find these links as not broken yet.

Paul Nickelson

Jun 15, 2017

View subsite?

I’d like to use your SP Insider Chrome extension to help build REST queries, but it only shows the site root, not subsites.

Ex. If the url is ../MainSite/SubSite/List/ListName , the extension opens with a site value of ../MainSite and I can’t seem to browse to or find MainSite/SubSite.

Deepa Lakhani

Sep 30, 2016

Detect this on browser

If one needs to detect if this add on is present on the browser, how can that be done?

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