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Edward Jouharyan

Mar 5, 2023

Transaction erification

On 02/18 2023 from my card ending 5075 charget $74.11. Please give me information for whar wos charge.
Thank you
Edward Jouharyan

Michael Flyvbjerg Schau

Oct 26, 2021

CAML Query builder


Thanks for this great extension.
It would be cool if you could add a CAML query builder. Yes, some of us are still using it ;-)

Alan Houser

Oct 6, 2021

Overriding Existing Web Part Styles

I'm working on an internal SharePoint Online project (communications site), where Tableau embeds are added to every page. The developer who built the Workbooks set everything up to be viewed in full-width viewports. The rub: the iframe (CanvasSection) is locked to max-width: 1236px.

My goal for months now: How can I add iframe web parts to Full-Width Frame?
OR THE DREAM: can I create a Web Part that allows me to add custom HTML/CSS/JS?

I was trying to learn SPFx to basically do JUST THIS; after 10 days of sitting through part of a very advanced online SPFx Fundamentals course, and even playing with SPA, I caved to go back to using a vanilla base template.

And then I bumped-into your plugin.

Is it possible/SAFE to do this with the plugin?

Neil P

Feb 26, 2021

Change PageLayoutType not initializing


Love the SP Tools feature that allows one to change page layout between Home, Article, and SingleWebPartAppPage layouts! However, it has stopped loading reliably for me. Is there a way to get the layout switcher to appear if for some reason it isn't?

Darrell Johnson

Dec 30, 2020

Could Not Edit List Propeties

Hi, thanks for this extension. I could not use it to update things like List Properties. There may be a bug? I checked the “Save Changes” but it would not change the property. I tried this also in Edge and same issue. Of course, I am running using account with SP admin tenant rights and am authenticated correctly

Michael Xie

Feb 17, 2020

SharePoint 365

Page editor doesn't seem to work with SharePoint 365

Jimi Yu

Jan 8, 2020

Doesn't work anymore

Hi. I'm not sure what's different with the latest version. It reads my css file but it can no longer save it back to the folder. I'm not sure if it's a known issue or if it's something that I can fix.


Sep 22, 2019

Using SP Editor to modify CSS for Modern SP sites

I'm trying to use the editor to modify the CSS styles for modern sites. When I attach a custom .CSS file, it only seems to trigger on classic pages, such as the classic "Site Settings" page.

Currently, I'm using the SPFx script editor web part to apply styles and javascript. But directly attaching these files could make the pages load smoother, and apply styles earlier in the process. How do I do this with the editor?


Jun 27, 2019

Hi Tomi

Can you add some references of documentation for using the RefinementFilters in the Querys please? Thanks!


Apr 15, 2019


Hi Tomi, I'm new to this so might be asking a dumb question. does this tool insert scripts to the site collection so it works for all users? or just locally?

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