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Seventeen Chen

Dec 15, 2021

chinese font display

Chinese font display jibberish

Viktor Bergquist

Feb 25, 2020

Where to find "command palette" or "user settings"?

Hovering an object property (in a .ts TypeScript source) in a GitHub repo I get a message about using a "command palette" or editing "user settings."
Where should I be able to find any or both of these in Chrome?

The full message follows.
“Sourcegraph has hidden GitHub's native hover tooltips. You can toggle this at any time: to enable the native tooltips run “Code host: prefer non-Sourcegraph hover tooltips” from the command palette or set "codeHost.useNativeTooltips": true in your user settings.”

I haven't installed any other Sourcegraph product than this extension, would that be an issue

Chandra Sekar

Sep 16, 2019

Code intelligence Not working in Google chrome browser Version 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Code intelligence Not working in Google chrome browser Version 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) (64-bit) RHEL 7 Linux

Sourcegraph version v19.9.9.338 . Whenever I hover over a piece of code in Github repo code intelligence is not showing anything remains blank.

stew Han

Dec 5, 2018

go to def not work

'go to def' not show when i read an android project at github

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 4, 2018

Directory Tree Is Missing

Sourcegraph is great. I've been using it and it works well. However, recently the default directory tree on the left corner is missing when using `view on github` mode.

Craig Hesling

Oct 3, 2018

File explorer icon covering GitHub logo

Would it be possible to move the file explorer icon (in the top left corner) away from the GitHub logo?
I think the file explorer is important, but I often use the GitHub logo to return to my dashboard.

Kamus Putih

Aug 17, 2018



takanao ENDOH

Aug 15, 2018

The definition tips to the under the symlink directories are not enabled.

like this:

Janet Kuo

Feb 6, 2018

GitHub becomes slow with this extension

I've been using Sourcegraph and it works fine. Just recently GitHub becomes slow (e.g. page scrolling) when Sourcegraph is enabled. Disabling it would fix the problem.

James Player

Dec 5, 2017

Ruby support

Is there any plan to support .rb files?

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