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Faruk Musa Ibrahim

Mar 28, 2024


What is the most important feature of music

Дарина Дутчин

Mar 18, 2024

Більше не працює

перестав працювати підсилювач звука, перезавантажувала, видаляла і знову завантажувала. Більше не працює,

Joy Broughton

Sep 1, 2023

On & Off

The first week was great. Then, I was away for a week, and now I'm having problems with it. I try to move the needle up and nothing is happening. Sound is not changing at all.

Joy Broughton

Aug 22, 2023

Controlling the sound

In the upper left hand corner it will not allow me to increase the sound. It is blurred over and not active. How do I change that?

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