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Karan Chhotala

May 12, 2024


hoe to minstall sortd in gmail? i can not login to sortd via gamil. please provide guidance.

Joseph Karanja

May 7, 2024


Can't download

Claren Mueller

May 2, 2024

I accidentally denied permission and access for Sortd

I have spent 3 hours trying to reset my permission settings and site settings. I even connect two of my other emails to this extension. There are 2 settings not showing up in the site settings, not even giving me the option to turn them on or add them. Please help

Drenda Roberts

Mar 25, 2024


Can you use Sort'd with Safari?

Jennifer Gillihan

Jan 16, 2024

Managing multiple gmail accounts

How do I manage multiple gmail accounts from one screen? I've always used outlook or mac mail because I have multiple emails and need to be able to view them all in one screen without having to log in/out or switch between screens. Can I do this in sortd somehow?

chinaza okeke

Sep 16, 2023



Giovanni Ramos

Aug 30, 2023

Email doesnt show when clicking a task on a board

Need support with subject.

ADV Soluciones Mérida

Jun 23, 2023


quiero en español por favor

ADV Soluciones Mérida

Jun 23, 2023


¿Cómo lapongo en español?

Kenn Hoekstra

Feb 16, 2023

Question about Sortd

We have a team mailbox where four or five people all have access. If one person is using Sortd and does all of the organizing by putting the emails in categories, can a 2nd person also install Sortd and see what the first person did? Or does each person have to organize it themselves?

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