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Francois Cloete

Apr 13, 2021

IS SLM working?

Hi There. Tried to renew SLM, but seems to be inactive. There was however an update on the 5th of April 2021. what up and is the extension working?

Dianne Joaquin

Oct 27, 2020

Hi, Do you have someone who can contact me please? Thanks, Dianne 210-317-4454

Questions about your SLM system

Michael Fister

Jul 31, 2020


Please unsubscribe me from the service. Received a warning from LinkedIn to stop using it

Juan Manuel Alvarez-Salamanca F

May 22, 2020

Quiero eliminar SLM de mi perfil

Hola, necesito su ayuda para eliminar el SLM que está funcionando en mi perfil de Linkedin, cómo debo proceder, necesito su orientación por favor.

Sanjay Shah

Sep 24, 2019

Please cancel subscription

Hey Social Lead Machine - can you please cancel my subscription?

The product has been great, I've gotten great results! But LinkedIn has told me if I keep using it they'll ban me - I can't afford to risk my account.

Thanks a lot for the great work, I've been subscribed for 2+ years now with excellent results,


Daniel Adams

Sep 9, 2019


what's going on? I was told by LinkedIN today that if I continue using this plug in I'll be shut down. I have my search settings set to a very reasonable criteria. Please advise.

Kenelm Tonkin

Aug 12, 2019

URGENT! Legal Action In 7 Days

We cancelled on 29 Dec 2018. That's what your records say, and it's correct.

You then charged us $39.99 for each of Jan to Apr 2019.

Your records say we cancelled a second time in May 2019. That is correct.

Your records say we cancelled a third time in June 2019. That too is correct. We wanted to make sure!

To further make sure, we then changed our credit card.

Somehow, you found our credit card and ILLEGALLY charged it again on July 2019 for $39.99. That's what your records say. That is correct.

Since 29 Dec 2018, you have therefore charged us $199.95 illegally.

I'm going to give you 7 days to refund the money before taking further action.

We have taken a copy of your Transactions list.

Very unhappy.

Kenelm Tonkin
Tonkin Corporation

Wasim Ahmad

Jul 17, 2019

Not working

I've contacted you several times asking for support - the plug in has not worked for several months - please issue a refund for the last 3 months - thanks

Nate Tepp

Jul 7, 2019

Hasn't worked for weeks

I have emailed support for weeks now because the extension no longer works. It won't display the linkedin search page i am attempting to run. nobody will email me back!

Lisa Thomas

May 20, 2019


Please cancel my subscription Lisa Thomas

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