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Stacey & Anthony Cleveland

May 12, 2022

don't play the game

80% of the screen is black

6F Aashritha Satish Pillai

Jul 20, 2021


It's impossible to play because there is a black screen showing up on the screen.
The words are too small to read. Game is small but the screen is full black. Its kinda hard to explain.

Orange Mc Lemon

Jul 6, 2021

80% of the game is blacked out

the game is unplayable because i cant see what to do because the text is to small

Lynsie Hesseltine

May 9, 2021

Black Screen, Game doesn't show.

Only comes across as bar at the top and you cant read what the characters are saying.

Isaac Gersztyn

Feb 23, 2021

the game

there is a black screen, u cant read what there saying and it is impossible (to play.

ur mom

Feb 9, 2021


please fix the black screen its garbage its so bad its garbage please fix it it seems like a game that could be good if you WOULD JUST FIX the game so, please, fix the game, please.

Charlize Garcia

May 17, 2019

screen & removing

welll first the screen is only at the top i dont know what they are saying and i cant delete it as mush as i want to

Isaiah Valentine

Dec 27, 2018


Every time I launch the game the loading screen is normal but then when you start ACTUALLY playing the game the screen is so small and only shows at the top of the screen for some reason and I don't know why!! Plz developer!.... PLZ FIX THIS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO PLAY THE GAME!!

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 8, 2018


I can't figure out how to uninstall anything. I want to uninstall the game because it glitches out for me so much.

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 26, 2018



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