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sol hals

Sep 15, 2023

Site down

Site been down for a while, will it be brought back up?

Stacey Lantz

Nov 27, 2021

does not let me log in

this just redirects me to a security website asking me to change my search engine too. does this app work? also wont let me log in does nothing.

Janese Staggs

May 15, 2021

Does this work on android phones with samsung dex

Does this work on android phones with samsung dex

Devin Roberts

Sep 27, 2020


I attempted to Register i thought maybe refreshing the page would help my problem but i cant seem to get back to the registration tab.

Anthony Greco

Sep 3, 2020

i addded it to my extensions but when i register i type all my info and hit ok and nothing happens

it wont let me register

Lanny Lin

Oct 27, 2019

Support page on web site is 404

When I go to, I get a 404 Error:

404 Not Found
Please forward this error screen to's WebMaster.
The server can not find the requested page: (port 443)

Danell Wilkes

Oct 16, 2019

subscription problems

i log in just fine, but i click on subscriptions and i get this: InvalidArgumentException in CustomerGateway.php line 567:
expected customer id to be set Please help

Kelly Potts

May 28, 2019

Stopped working

I have had sneekr for months. All of a sudden it stopped recording anything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing. Any idea why this might be>? (

rosangela michel

May 9, 2019

i want to cancel subcription

how do i unsubcribe im not able to delete my credit card info

rosangela michel

May 8, 2019

add device

how can i add devices ive typed name but will not register on history can anybody help

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