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Vera Szeidli-Hornyák

May 13, 2024

Background Script Washington upgrade

we have an issue in our instances after the Washington update on the Background script module with the SN utils. The "SN Utils - Background script result pane" is not visible anymore. Could it be just a setting that's causing it?

Ken Shaw

Apr 11, 2024

Service Catalog

I was wondering/hoping that the tool could be used to assist Catalog Item development/triage.

e.g. Select a catalog variable on form page, invoke SN Utils to find all the UI policies and client scripts affecting this variable.
Is that possible?

Dalton Husley

Mar 26, 2024

Scripts Background Syncing to VS Code

On the Scripts - Background Page, the Open in VS-Code link no longer works. I receive the following error message :

Uncaught ReferenceError: snuEditor is not defined
at snuPostToScriptSync (inject.js:3973:73)
at :1:1

I am not sure if this is an issue due to the latest update on March 24th, 2024, but I thought I would raise awareness.

Mari Pol

Feb 28, 2024

Issue with Server Validation Not Retrieving Unique Value After Upgrade

Following a recent system upgrade, we've encountered a validation issue when using forms to validate servers. Problem lies in the inability to fetch the unique value for server validation through forms. This issue does not manifest when validating servers via lists, where the process completes successfully.

function validateMid() {
var agents = typeof g_list != 'undefined' ? g_list.getChecked() : g_form.getUniqueValue();

Error Message:
Agent {0} cannot be found in the MID server table

Thanks in advance

Pablo Cabeza

Jan 25, 2024

I have problems with software of background script

This extension doesn´t work with my background scripy. Its appearance is the same and I also do not have the extra functionalities that it has with said extension. I don't know if something needs to be configured or how to get the functionality I want. Thank you.

Tommy Sahlin

Jan 16, 2024

"Add columns" button

Hi Arnoud, hope you are fine and thanks again for the fantastic SN Utils, which I use in many ways ever day!
One of my favorite features is the "add columns" button (don't know if that's the correct name) which in a list will add the Updated, Updated by and Application columns. I wonder if it would be at all possible for me to tweak/adapt the function so it instead would add Created, Created by, Updated and Updated by? These 4 columns are what I need to add in lists all the time in my work, which consists of a lot of troubleshooting and follow-up. Thanks in advance! /Tommy Sahlin

Sebastien Lavoie

Aug 16, 2023

SN Util with custom alias

We have custom alias that do not use the nomenclature. Is there a way to have the slash shortcut work on URLs that don't contain "service-now" ?

Thank you

Henry Lo

Aug 4, 2023

Darkmode for ServiceNow

Its probably a heavy suggestion but a proper ServiceNow dark mode would be really nice. Ive tried using other dark mode extensions and they look bad in servicenow because they are made for general web pages. Ive noticed workspace, playbooks or the new pages in servicenow get translated in dark mode pretty poorly by the extension. Or maybe if creating a darkmode theme is too tedious, maybe a color settings page? where colors can be modified and saved as browser settings and then the SN utils community can load/share themes that arent just limited to darkmode. like graymode, or navy blue mode or so..?

Marc Walbridge

Jun 7, 2023

ctrl+v shortcut and clipboard

Good afternoon,

I am checking to see how the paste functionality with images attached to the clipboard works? Is this something built into SN already, and there's a system property?

We have users that aren't allowed to use SN Utils, but we still want to allow them to use the paste shortcut to put images into the activity stream (comments/work notes).

We noticed if we use the property to change the comment/work notes fields into rich text, it will work. This isn't the route we would like to go, though. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Marcus Walbridge

SN Account

Apr 20, 2023

Extension File corrupted in workspace

I there a zip file that can be downloaded and unpacked. File was corrupted in workspace and there is restrictions on accessing chrome extension store to redownlaod. Could not repair or update. Had to remove the extension and trying to add it again.

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