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George Velasco

Jun 21, 2024

Chrome extension

Hello the chrome extension stopped working whenever i click to open sign in it never opens up. i have been using it for more than 6 months with no issues until now...


Sep 23, 2023

how to use

I have the endpoint generated address however i do not know how to actually use it to change the ip address.

Kry Shortie

Sep 30, 2022

chrome extension

Will not let me download it , keeps saying failed.

Jalil Khan Baloch

Feb 19, 2022


dear a problem off one account binomo so withdrawal problem

Md Khalil

Feb 5, 2021

app issue

smartproxy app is not working and an unexpected error is occur

o o

Sep 24, 2020

SOCKS proxy not working

the use of any SOCKS proxy seems to fail
Adding the same settings to my windows system settings works perfectly

Muhammad Jawad

Sep 5, 2020


Not connect to proxy user name and password

Kyla Reese

Feb 27, 2020

Not Working

Can't seem to get chrome extension working


Feb 20, 2020

Not able to Use the Extension

Added the Extension, added the credentials. When tried to switch it on, its not allowing me. Why?

FYI: The Username and Pwd are valid ones and is working in client calls but not on the browser extension

Google apps