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Najwa Laylah

Mar 1, 2020

You're Messing With The Wrong "Pop-Ups"

I'm going to have to turn this extension off until it no longer stops the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and Archive.Today's web interface for saving from opening. It also blocks the opening of links from forums to YouTube. (This is a real hindrance to my quick and efficient *hourly* use of these sites and tools.) Since I can't report these to the extension as false positives, I have to submit this problem.

Fast Gamer

May 22, 2019

Good ! Thanks Im puzzle rated 2211

Smart Block download

Halfey Halphstein

Feb 1, 2019

Aggressive popup blocker

This extension seems to be not too smart at blocking popups. It blocks all websites that I wanted to open in a new tab that every single time I had to click the link in the blocking notification. Ironically it even blocks your own website from opening when I right-click on the extension icon and clicked the SmartAdblock at the top of the menu.

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