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Averi Zhizēn Yu

Sep 10, 2023

Debug - offering help

I see there are a lot of bugs. I can offer to help as a programmer. send or comment me your contacts. - Z. Yu

Nic Y

Feb 21, 2019

How do I know if it's working?

I have downloaded the app and have tried it on various website clicking the extension on and off but it doesn't change any words from my detection. Do you know why this may be the case?

Vågsøy Ylöjärvi

Aug 10, 2017

How can I increase the tooltip size?

1- How can I increase the tool-tip size?

2- Sometimes when I hover over the text in a webpage the tooltip doesn't come, so is there a hot key to force the tooltip to show?

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 22, 2016

This changes the display of text on websites

This app causes all text in Chrome to appear with additional dot marks, which detracts from normal web browsing. I've had to disable the app because it's not compatible with my work style

fusheng diao

Oct 22, 2016

this website cannot use the tool

for example:Marketwatch

fusheng diao

Oct 22, 2016


some website function cannot use。we double click the word,but cannot get meaning

Anthony Lynch

Oct 8, 2016

Sign up

How do you sign up to this thing? there is nothing telling you how to sign up

Majid Heidary

Jul 25, 2016

how to utilize

unfortunately i was unsuccessful to use this extension. does it need any manual to use?

marisa batalla

Apr 26, 2016


Is it only in English? Or can we get it in other languages?

Elizabeth M

Apr 19, 2016

add button to allow changing all words outright

You mentioned in a previous comment that you originally had this change words outright. Can you perhaps add a button option to the extension that allows you to chose whether you want words changed outright or in hover-over style? That would be really awesome! Thank you!

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