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LaDarrius Holley

Mar 23, 2024

Support for SCR3310 v2.0

I just noticed that the app no longer Supports the card reader SCR3310 v2.0. I never had problem until this recent Chrome OS update.

Lisa Fusco

Feb 7, 2024

Compatibility with Chromium

We are interested in adding your service to our Promethean boards which have both Chromeboxes and Chromium installed in the native OS for Promethean. Is your smart card service still working?

Vahidreza Arabpour

Sep 3, 2023

Deprecation of the Apps

Isn't his app going to be deprecated like the other Chrome apps?

Brandon Johnson

Jun 16, 2023


im trying to download the app and i keep getting an invalid manifest message and to contact the developer. Really need this for work purposes

Antonio Harris

Apr 17, 2023

Inability to add Smart Card Connector Extension to chrome

Each time I try downloading the extension it gives an error and the details just say invalid manifest.

Ethan Hill

Feb 23, 2023

Invalid manifest

Still receiving this error when attempting to install, sent the feedback tagged 'smartcard', is there any way to install from git?

Antonio Harris

Jan 17, 2023

Invalid Manifest

Each time I try downloading the extension it gives an error and the details just say invalid manifest.

Jenn Florian

Jan 11, 2023

Invalid Manifest

Good morning, I'm trying to install this program on my HP Chromebook but I'm getting a pop up that says "An error has occurred" There was a problem with the download. Please contact the developer or try again. I've gotten the same message all week. When I click on view details it says "Invalid manifest". I'm not sure what to do. I really need to check certain websites.

Thana Mannaisajjathum

Nov 30, 2022

Can this app fetch data from smart card reader instead of just authentication?

I just want to get the data inside the card, not authenticate using the card. Can this application achieve such requirement?

Francisco Suda

Nov 1, 2022

invalid manifest

i have been trying to download the smart card connector and it keeps saying invalid manifest. how can i resolve this issue?

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