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Julio Arroyo

Dec 27, 2023

Stopped working

It's one of the most wonderful Trello extensions but it's not working anymore. Please help. :)

Melody Pfeffer

Oct 31, 2023

Slimlist doesn't work anymore after Chrome update

My Trello Slim list stopped working after I updated Chrome. Can you fix this please?

Terry Gaston

Oct 25, 2023

Slim Lists for Trello

Hi, Looks like Slim List for Trello stopped working a few days ago with a recent Google Chrome update. Would like to know if the team that designed this is aware, and if there will be a fix soon. Thanks!

Stevan Duvnjak

Jun 3, 2022

doesn't work?

doesn't work anymore or I don't know how to activate it

Flavien Lambert

Aug 20, 2019

suggestion of improvement

Your application is really handy thanks, can you add the possibilities to choose the percentage of reduction?
Because in my case 50% is a little too small.
I found how to change the value in the script.js but every time I start Chrome I am notified that an unofficial application is present and I am forced to uninstall it to remove this popup at each startup.
Thanks for your job.

Jeff Shamus

Dec 14, 2018

How to activate?

I have installed the extension, but do not know how to activate it. I have the blue icon in my extension list, but no option to activate it. I have restarted Chrome already. Thanks.

Yanet Fuentes

May 2, 2018

Not working

Cannot use the extension. I just installed the extension and refreshed chrome and re-opened trello but it will not work for me.

Milkii Brewster

Mar 7, 2018

Option to not accommodate 'Add new list' column

I've removed this column using an adblocker as I was frustrated by always scrolling into it.

Unfortunately Slim Lists expects the last column to be the 'Add new list' column and thus hides it.

An option to disable this function would be very handy!

Joel Edwards

Jan 30, 2018

Column title text wrapping not shown


We have quite a few columns so they end up being quite small. Unfortunately this means our column title text wraps to a second line, but that second line is not shown. Even a column title like "In Analysis (Done)" gets the "(Done" cut off.

Can you make these additional lines of text shown please?


Brent Henney

Jan 22, 2018


It would be great if you could hide a list when filtering on a user or label.

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