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Graham Bird

Jul 17, 2024

wont work for time longer than 30 seconds

if i set timer longer than 30 seconds it doesn't work

Stuart Richards

Jun 26, 2024

Time limits for page rotation

Works great for sub 30 seconds timer. However anything extra, the number is accepted such as 40 seconds, but then the rotations fully stop.

Charlie Ballington

May 7, 2024

Slideshow stops working after a day

We're trying to use the extension to rotate tabs on a slideshow but it stops working after around 24 hours each time. The computer is always on and even when it's stopped the slideshow still show as "ON".

Any idea why this might be?

Serhat ÇÖKLÜ

Feb 2, 2023

stop workıng

çalısmayı durdurdu ne yapmalıyız

Ross de Jesus

Jan 31, 2023

Stopped working

it stopped working today, January 31

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