SlickRemix: Your ChatGPT Web Assistant
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SlickRemix: Your ChatGPT Web Assistant

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Swiftly optimize text, code, and creativity on any website using GPT-3 Turbo or GPT-4.

🚀 Options ✨ GPT-3 Turbo or GPT-4 ✨ Custom Prompts or GitHub Prompts ✨ Number of Tokens ✨ Alternative Completions ✨ Temperature ✨ Twitter Share Suggestion Icon ✨ Resize the Popup ✨ Choose the Font Size ✨ Custom Background and Color Options 💡Key Benefits Say you are editing your website and want to modify some text. It would be easier to select that text on your website, have it appear automatically in the popup, and then ask ChatGPT to make the changes you want. Once a suggestion appears, click it, and the selected text on the page will be replaced. By adjusting the Temperature from the Settings tab, you can have the response be less or more creative. You don't have to use this with a website. You can also simply use it like ChatGPT for conversing and creating or modifying code. Great for writing a creative Tweet that you can easily share on Twitter once you are done. Useful for creative writing in an email or text message. All you have to do is click the response when you are done, and the text is copied to your clipboard. Quickly Translates Text. 🔮 Custom Options 1) Select text on the web page and click the pinned extension; the selected text will automatically be pasted to the text area in the Chrome extension popup. 2) I added a STOP: after the pasted text so you can easily prompt your request or not. 3) Once you click the Submit button, one or more suggestions will appear. 4) Click on a suggestion, and the text from that suggestion will be copied in place of the selected text on the webpage if it's a content editable area. 5) The text will also be added to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it into another tab or anywhere. 6) Bonus: Click the Twitter icon in the top right of a suggestion, and it will open Twitter so you can share the suggestion. 👑 Custom Prompts 💡 Save up to 5 custom Descriptions and Prompts. 💡 Connect a GitHub account to display as many Prompts as possible. Simple setup instructions are included. This is a great way to save and organize your favorite prompts too. 💫 Detailed Settings ⭐ Your OpenAI API key is required to access ChatGPT. Click the API Key link to get yours. ⭐ Max Tokens: The maximum number of tokens (words or word pieces) in the generated text. 4097 is the maximum allowed per prompt. ⭐ Alternative Completions: The number of alternative completions to generate for each prompt. ⭐ Temperature: Controls the randomness of the generated text. Higher values (e.g., 1.0) will produce a more creative output, while lower values (e.g., 0.1) produce a more coherent text. ⭐ GPT-3 or GPT-4 ⭐ Twitter Share option for Suggestions. ⭐ Resize the Popup to a larger or smaller size. ⭐ Choose the Font Size to make reading easier. ⭐ 4 different background colors. ⭐ 7 color options to personalize the look and feel of the popup. 😇 Premium Options coming soon! Save more prompts, bookmark replies, responses can be spoken and more.

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KillerRonin GamingMay 18, 2023

This Extension is a powerful tool for anyone who spends significant time on the web. It brilliantly combines the potential of OpenAI's GPT3.5 and GPT-4 technologies with the convenience of a browser extension. Whether you're a student conducting research, a professional juggling multiple tasks, or simply a curious internet user, this assistant offers a unique and highly practical way for using ChatGPT. Setup: The setups was super simple and took me less then one minute to get an API key. Al... Show more

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SlickRemixDeveloperMay 24, 2023

Thanks so much! Nice to see our extension helping write your review too, nice work. 🚀🚀🚀

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GRO TeamMay 2, 2023

I have worked with Spencer for a lot of years and I have to say this is awesome! I love this new extension thanks for bringing the power of Chat GPT to my browser quickly and easily ;) Like my own browser personal assistant!

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SlickRemixDeveloperMay 18, 2023

Thanks Matt, It's always a pleasure working with you too. Glad to hear you're liking the extension! More cool options and a UI have already been pushed too. Now you can connect a GitHub account and add as many prompts as you want to streamline your workflow.


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