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Lea G. da Silva

Feb 23, 2022

The extension interferes in jitsi-meetings

This extension, when activated interferes in jitsi meetings on-line.
It freezes the sessions and other shared tabs...
e.g.: open a meeting in:
and try to have a session with your family/friends/students, etc...
You should disable, or issue a warning to disable it when detecting any video-chat conferences as: google-talk, bigbluebutton, jitsi-meet on-line, facebook video conferences or whatever video conferences...

Filippo Rovelli

Jul 27, 2021

Not all tab on sleep

Hello, it would be cool to prevent "grouped tabs" to enter in sleep mode.


Mar 3, 2021

want to know what data u can collect from me

I want to what data in my website can u read and manage can you see what i am doing what websites i have been using in real time or log reports


Sep 3, 2020

Doesn't deal tab by tab

Hello. Please, make it possible to put in sleep/awaken only a few selected tab (not only the pinned one). I'd like to click on the tab I want to get awake. Thank you.

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