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John Fawson

Jan 3, 2024

connect with slack button not working

Nothing happens when clicking on the connect with slack button? How do I get to connect?

Arseniy Kazachkov

Oct 24, 2023

Connect to slack

the "Connect to slack" not working. What should I do?

Nalyn Ramos

Jun 22, 2023

Not working!

Nothing happens when I click CONNECT TO SLACK

Radostin Toshev

Apr 25, 2023

Connect to slack doesn't work

The button to connect to slack doesn't work in the options ;((

Ed J

Feb 16, 2023

connect to slack

connect button doesn't work :/

Gabriele Lo Surdo

Nov 24, 2022

"Connect with Slack" button does not work

Nothing happens when I click the "Connect with Slack" button.

Toni Matas

Mar 25, 2022

I'm not able to connect the extension with Slack

I'm not able to connect the extension to Slack and it does not work.

Chaim Vshalom Tours

Jul 22, 2021

Would love to see thread notifications too

Would be cool to add an option to also show thread notifications as I tend to miss them in the app

Graison Dangor

Jul 15, 2021

Can't install even after admin approval

Hi, I tried installing this after getting approval (notified via slackbot) from IT. I made sure no ad blockers were preventing me from accessing the site but it still doesn't work. Here is the error message I get: "This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in

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