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Swayam Varshney

Jan 26, 2022


Can i import in this extension

Keith Steed

May 26, 2018


Which version of python does this Run??

Avnish Bhatnagar

Sep 22, 2016

Turtle graphics?

Are turtle graphics supported in this extension?

Getting a TypeError when trying to run the turtle demo from the homepage.

Anik Zingariello

Jul 21, 2015

which python

Python 2 or 3??

Matteo Borghi

Dec 19, 2014


Works fine until I try to use raw_input(). Am I missing something, or it a problem with the app?

stephen hoos (Rexregum)

Jun 6, 2014

Google Drive

Is there anyway you can connect this to Google Drive? I would like to run py files saved on my Google Drive.

Google apps