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Nina Blakemore

Jul 31, 2022

Not Working

My Skimlinks extension for Chrome has stopped working :(
Please can you help?

Ileana Vega

Feb 2, 2022

Extension distorts web pages including Google email and calendar

When this extension is pinned it distorts the Gmail and Calendar interface. I cannot see the full name of my calendars unless I reset Chrome and stop using the extension.

Jen Campbell

Jan 31, 2022

Jan 30 Update Breaks Gmail UI

When this extension is active, the checkboxes to the left of each email in Gmail are disappeared. Deactivating the extension returns them.

There are a few other UI issues, but the functional issue is most important.....I need to delete more than one email at at time. Pls fix.


Jan 31, 2022

Causing display issues on my site today and chrome inspector flags use of eval

Have been using this extension long term without issue. But today I realised it was causing my own website to not display properly in Chrome and I note there was an extension update yesterday. In debugging in Chrome inspector, it flagged the use of javascript eval too. Once I use Chrome incognito, or disable the Skimlinks chrome extension my site works properly again.

Gloria Hui

Nov 18, 2021

Extension only works on one PC

It works on my work PC, but it doesn't work on my personal PC. The extension is on, but the bar at the top doesn't show up. Try to switch it on and off but still no luck.

John Beattie

Mar 1, 2021

Chome ext. not working

The icon is blinking like crazy and when i click on it, nothing happens.

Melodi Thompson

Jan 12, 2021

Unable to open the merchant site

Hi there. I am unable to open the merchant site. Let me know what I should do. thanks.

Everyday By Masha

Jan 9, 2021

Skimlink Editor Tool says "off" and not working

I have been able to use the Editor tool fine, but now it says "off" on the Skimlinks browser extension and when I press it nothing happens. I've tried logging in and out and unpinning it. nothing. Please help

Michael Haber

Nov 17, 2020

Cannot load the skimlinks editor tool

Hi, Every time I attempt to download the Editor, it says ADDED TO CHROME. I cannot open it . Please let me know what to do. Thanks


Oct 20, 2020

the toolbar does not work

I had install the the google chrome extentention, I did not see any toolbar at all at the top. can you fix this issue please

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