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Paityn Cansdale

Apr 18, 2019

Draw Tool Merges With The Clipart Layer.

When I place a clip art to trace, when I trace, the tracing connects to the clip art so I can't remove the clipart without taking the tracing off..

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 22, 2018


my computer says that this app has been DISABLED and it won't let me enable it but it let me in it before i updated it so can you help me please


Jun 1, 2018

smudge tool

please add the smudge tool it would mean a lot to me and many people

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 29, 2018


i paid for the program and it says it downloaded but i cant find it and it says i havent purchased it but it sill charged my card

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 25, 2018

can't reopen art

I cannot open a previous file that I have already drawn. I really worked hard on it and i can't seem to get it back. help??


Mar 26, 2018

Eraser tool

Hi, what is the point of the eraser tool? I don't feel that it works as a 'true' eraser, since it leaves the blank grid behind anything you erase and then you have to fill it with something to get a seamless pic. Am I missing something?

mikko presents

Feb 16, 2018

color fx?

dude i can't find color fx - the video shows it at select but it isnt there

disappointed demon

Jan 15, 2018

saving and looking at the saved items

This file type is not supported. Please visit the Chrome Web Store to find an app that can open this type of all i get every time save using the sketchpad save to edit later

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 22, 2017

Clip art

It is really hard to make multiple things on clip art in version 5.0

Sam Jameson

Nov 18, 2017


When I try to draw well zoomed in it just moves the picture.

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