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Catriona Maberry

Jan 9, 2022

Can't even reach the UI

I installed the extension, but whenever I click on the icon I only get the welcome page (the one with the "read more" button and links to github and bitbucket). I can't ever get to the actual UI in order to do anything. I get a brief glimpse of something else that quickly slides out of frame to the left while the welcome page slides in from the right, but that's it.

Pankaj Singh

Oct 6, 2021

I am creating the list of 10 of the best Google Chrome Extensions for developers

Hi there,

Hope you don't mind me reaching out, my name is Pankaj, and I'm a marketer at Codegrip

I am curating a list of 10 of the best Google Chrome Extensions for developers.

I wanted to include your extension on the list as well.

The list will be uploaded as a blog on Codegrip.

If you could send me the logo of your company with a short snippet it would be great.

Please let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks & Regards,

Email -


Apr 11, 2020

"could not verify URL" when i click "fork"

I would love to use this, but cannot get around this issue.

1. click the icon in the browser
2. click the plus sign in the top right corner
3. error: "Opps Could not verify the URL"

Travis Farrenkopf

Apr 1, 2020

Java web app

This is a great project. I'm trying to get this to work with a java web app. The URLs are not clean URLs - they are long and garbled. When I try to fork, I get "Oops, something went wrong.".

Tiffany Murray (Tiffany Murray)

Dec 19, 2019

saving sitemods

I really love this extension. It has been so helpful and useful for my team and I — thank you so much sharing this with other developers and designers.

I have a question about saving sitemods. I have somehow managed to mess up the save for some of my sitemods, so only a partial amount of changes to the html/css are saved and the rest of the code reverts back to the original form. Is there a way to salvage these sitemod projects? I have a few sitemods that are "in progress" - I can open them and continue to make changes to the html/css but I'm unable to save any new edits. I'm not sure what I have done wrong with these that I can't save any new changes. Please help! Thanks again!

Brook Davidson

Aug 20, 2019

Can't delete mod

I was trying to edit the youtube page and it for some reason doesn't seem to really work. When I load the fork, it tells me to go to developer tools which I do. I make my alterations, and nothing. I click on the icon for and there is no way to save the changes.

And according to someone else, there is suppose to be a trash icon in the right side corner, when you open a mod, which I do not see anywhere. So it's clearly not working right.

John Wilkinson

Jul 24, 2019

Not user friendly

Maybe it's just me but I cannot find any sort of functional UI to this extension. There are three options and they all link to other sites. I tried to see if there was something that changes in my inspect element but alas, nothing. So maybe you can point me to the actual extension?

Izaaz Raf

Jul 21, 2019

Can't load font awesome icon

I have downloaded your extension. It's very useful. A great job!

I got some little problems. Your extension can't load icons from font awesome. And, some image sliders are disappeared.

You can see my problems happened here:


Christian Overton

Jun 11, 2019

Can't delete mods

When you add a new mod to a site / when you fork it, there seems to be no way to delete those forks

giancarlo bibbo

Feb 7, 2019

Cannot verify url when editing

Hi there, I have just downloaded your extension today and it's very good. There is one problem tough. On Some websites, when I click on the Fork button, it says "Could not verify the url". Is there any way to fix this problem^

Thank you and have a great day.

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