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Martin Broadbridge

Feb 18, 2024

Filename is now broken

Since the update the auto filename is just nonsense

pen yadda

Jan 8, 2024

Question about saving from social media sites

I have used this to save entire social media pages, but I have a question about the images. If the person removes an image from their social media account, will it remove it from the singlefile I had previously saved as well??

behrouz 40

Dec 30, 2023

don't save correct file name

HI. page save but don't save correct name. names like this:

First Last

Dec 6, 2023

SingleFile error: TypeError: e.findLast is not a function

I've been using SingleFile for almost 4 years. All was ok.
But since version 1.22.32, SingleFile can't save any page in Chromium browser and always shows the error: "SingleFile error: TypeError: e.findLast is not a function".
Now it has version 1.22.36, and it still shows the same error.
Please fix this error or help me solve this problem.
Thank you.

Dieter Specht

Nov 17, 2023

File comes without photos

I use "directmailmmac" provider for e-mail marketing. And to produce the HTML file I use Sparkle, because I don't know to program in html. For the e-mail marketing I need a real single file. - But it cane out without the images. What do I need to do?

Benjamin Griffin

Nov 9, 2023

specified native messaging host not found

Hello, this was working so well and suddenly stopped. Evertime I try to use it I get "SingleFile error: Specified native message host not found" is there way to fix this? This has been a great extension.


Nov 1, 2023

Reading View disappears

I'm not sure why, but whenever I try to annotate a page, the button for the reading view disappears off the toolbar. Is there a way to fix this?

Western Phoenix

Oct 27, 2023

Saving non-webpage tabs

Is it possible to save open tabs that are just images/videos/PDFs/etc as their own filetypes when including them in a SingleFile 'Save All Tabs' operation, or will they be converted to HTML files like any webpages? If the latter, could this functionality be added to the extension?

Ray Pua

Aug 22, 2023

Way to save an entire website?

Hello! There's a game walkthrough website that I want to save which divides the whole walkthrough into multiple hyperlinks for each of the game's chapter. The way I'm going right now is opening each hyperlink into the separate tabs & save each one separately using SingleFile. Is there any way to combine all of it into 1 single HTML file?


Aug 21, 2023


2023/08/21 更新後自動下載的部分無法動作只能手動下載請問要設定什麼嗎?

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