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Mercedes Marleaux

Nov 9, 2022

Step-by-step tutorial

Hi, Have you made a step-by-step tutorial for this extension? I noticed you replied to people back in August 2021 that you might create one. A video tutorial would be very helpful because some steps are not clear about how to use it. For example, does only the interpreter need to have extension downloaded and installed or every participant? That is just one of my questions that is not clearly answered. Thank you for your help!

Mihailo Radojevic

Oct 4, 2021

How much does this cost?


I want to organize the meeting for international audience, and since my company will make meeting in Serbian and we would like to have interpreter into English and Russian I wanted to ask you next:
1. Is there any fee I as organizer of the meeting should pay for this interpretation extension?
2. Do I have to arrange interpreters or you can suggest me solution?
3. Interpreters should join meeting and open in new tab meeting as well and turn on extension in order to do interpretation?
4. Does every attendee that wants to listen to interpretation has to open original meeting and then in new tab meeting again and turn on interpretation extension in order to listen to interpreter?
5. Since I will have interpretation to two languages (English and Russian) how can attendees choose which interpretation they want to listen to?

Sorry for long list, just trying to prepare for all possible situations!

Looking forward to your reply,


Thomas Miloradovic

Sep 18, 2021

Tutorial would help a lot

Hello developing team,

This plug-in is a great idea, thank you for developing it, but after many attempts, I still haven't figured out how this works. I am a conference interpreter myself and would love to use this, but it is quite complicated for non computer-savvy people such as myself.

Do you think that a video tutorial could be possible? I am sure this would be very helpful to a lot of people.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Aylin GM

Jul 29, 2021

Channel controls do not always appear

Thank you for developing this extension, it is really useful.
We have been using it for some days now but the channel controls do now appear every time, I don't know why this is happening.
Could you explain to me how to make these controls appear? Thanks

Jada Shamley

Jul 19, 2021

Issues w/ Testing

Hi, I'm trying to test this plugin for my company and I've run into some trouble. Can you please give step by step instructions on how to use this plugin?

Nadhana Moonesinghe

Jul 15, 2021

Simultaneous Interpretation

I am so thankful for making a tool like this because Google Meet do not have much resources when it comes to Interpretation. I have some questions actually i found the extension do not work with some clients and we found it do not lode as mentioned by you. May be we a trying to install and work this in some different way because the guide on using this extension is not clear for some users. Thanking you for at least trying to do some thing on this subject matter I'm with great honor request you to do a video tutorial on configuring and using this extension. And also if you can give detailed installation and configuration instructions lot of users who are searching for a solution can benefit from this. I thank you for the support on this.


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