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Brett Miller

Dec 10, 2022

Won't save more than 25 tabs, but settings allows 100?

From reading the FAQ it seems 25 tabs is a limit of the API being used and in settings the value goes to 100. Why cause confusion and have the settings allow values that can't be supported?

Liming Tan

Jul 26, 2022

I set 100 and only 20~30 is recorded!!!!

I set 100 and only 20~30 is recorded!!!!

MenGQiu Z

Oct 30, 2020

delete/clear close tabs from popup

Hello, I see that the "Manually delete/clear close tabs from popup" feature cannot delete related tabs because of the sessions API; is it possible to add the function of deleting only the tabs in the popup list, regardless of the records in the history? Thank you

Xao Fan-Tzilin

Oct 23, 2020

The "Clear" button does not work

The "Clear" button does not work


Sep 4, 2020

About add a button to restore recent tabs

I love this plugin very much , but we need a right side button to restore all recent tabs.
If you can add this function, it will be perfect.


Jun 14, 2020



Earl Mason

Mar 17, 2020

Chrome dark mode causes icon to blend into background

The extension icon color and the default colors for Chrome dark mode are very close -- making it hard to see the icon.

Jay Cie (Bry)

Nov 10, 2019

Will not show the amount of closed tabs selected.

SIMPLE UNDO RECENTS is set to record 100 but will only show 25.


Sep 27, 2019

The "Clear" Button Doesn't Work

or "Clean" button? not an english user, can't see the original word

Sukhdip Mander

Oct 13, 2018

clear button doesnt work

clear button doesnt work

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