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Tim Costello

May 23, 2024

Unable to access all the groups

When you have a few groups and try and add new extension to a group (doing this from the extension toolbar) , you cant scroll down through the groups to select it and add.

Aakash Official

Feb 27, 2024

Wish to arrange the extension in custom order

I would love to arrange the extension list on custom order....


Feb 25, 2024


I would like the theme color to be reflected in the browser toolbar icons. Light and Dark.

Ranny Khaisman

Dec 31, 2023


Thank you very much for the extension, I’ve been using it for several years now, it makes me very happy! Happy New Year!

David Polonskiy

Dec 2, 2023

Icon color

I have dark theme on Chrome. The icon completely blends into the background. How can I make the icon white? Thanks!

Michael Davidson

Nov 27, 2023

Add ability to toggle an extension's visibility

Currently, the extensions can only be installed/uninstalled. Sometimes, I want to make the extension icon visible on the toolbar or, conversely, hide it from the toolbar without uninstalling it or disabling it. This is currently feasible in the native extension menu (puzzle shaped icon) but would be really nice if implemented in this extension.


Nov 15, 2023

Please add changing color off icon for dark theme

Please add changing color off icon for dark theme


Oct 25, 2023

Configuration export/import

Great extension.
Almost perfect among competitors.
But VERY MISS of exporting and importing settings and groups.

A little competitor analysis will help you:
!!! Configuration export/import:
Good Design:
Reorder list:

Other tested competitors are much worse. :)



Aug 14, 2023

4Kモニターで表示がおかしい。The display is not correct on a 4K monitor.

When using a 4K monitor, the list view is short and difficult to use. We would appreciate it if you could fix this.

Henrique Matos

Apr 18, 2023

Feature Request

This is my favorite Extension manager but cloud syncing is a necessity for me.

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