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Aug 13, 2022

White screen

When I press on the extension via the twitch chat, it opens a window but it does not contain anything, how can I solve this problem?


Aug 16, 2021

twitch giveaway extension

i don't know how it works but i tried some things and i still don't know how to use it because when i click the little button in the chat bottom it will open a tab but it's not loading anything so i hope you can help me


Feb 1, 2021


eklenti çalışmıyor

Ian Sutton

Jun 9, 2020

i think your extension is broke mate.

sign into twitch, i enterz the credentials, then just sit with a blank screen >> what is the problerino?<< 4head

time to put this extension in the bin, until i get a response, shame, looks legit clean, crisp nice,

Michael Kozlowski

May 12, 2020

Not Working

Getting a blank screen when clicking the extension

Mole Town

May 11, 2020

wont load

the extension wont load every time i try just get a blank screen help ?

Jon Jon

May 1, 2020



Luis CQ

Mar 18, 2020


Could we have a dark mode?

Mattèo Gauthier

May 31, 2019


can i have the source of your project ?

Burilla “Burilla” Peter

May 1, 2019

Clear winner

I run multiple giveaways. There isn't a way for the same winner to not be picked again. It picked the same user 3 times. I like a way to deselect user from entries so this doesn't happen.

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