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Chien Pham

Apr 3, 2024

Download error: Download interrupted

Download error: Download interrupted

Stu D

Mar 22, 2024

Translation popup doesn't behave correctly when highlighting sentences

The popup just shows a copy of what I've highlighted, doesn't seem to matter which language is set to Target, or Second language, tried with "Automatically switch to the second language" option checked and unchecked, and all the permutations I could think of.

Радимир Лобода

Sep 19, 2023

Stopped translating single words

Stopped translating single words, translates only two or more words

Unknown Human

Sep 18, 2023

Show translation candidates


"Show multiple translation candidates when a single word is translated." This option doesn't work anymore. The translation is working when more than one word is selected. Version 2.8.2

Oleg 3:16

Aug 12, 2023

Need one menu item "Translate selected text"

Hello. Now I select text, right click, then select "Simple Translate", then "Translate selected text" in opened submenu. PLEEEASE let me use only menu for example "Simple translate selected text". Thanks

Mega Lukas

Apr 20, 2023

replace selected text with translation language

I think a tool that quickly changes all the selected text and automatically converts it to another language would be very useful to not have to copy and paste every time

bobo abiola

Mar 28, 2023


texte a traduire: o how well do i remember how i doubted day by day ;for i did not know for certain that my sins were washed away ; whan the spirit tried to tell me ,i would notthe truth receive i endeavored to be happy and to make myself believe but it is real ,it is real o i know praise god the doubts are settled for i know ,i know it is real

Gregorio Litenstein

Dec 29, 2022

Can't translate websites

I'm using the extension on Vivaldi, not sure if that might be contributiing to the issue, but when I click "translate this page" I just get a google error saying "Can't translate this page."

Ida Moofus

Oct 30, 2022

Automatic translation

I have long had issues with the automatic page translation function not triggering. It sometimes will even work on a page one time, then fail on a repeat visit. A dedicated function just to force automatic translation would be immensely helpful, as opening pages inside Google Translate isn't always ideal.

Mihai Poe.

Sep 1, 2022

Change font

Hi, good extension to have, can you add an option to change default font of translated text to? Also maybe an option to directly copy to clipboard the translated text ?

Thanks in advance.

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