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Bill MacGougan

Oct 18, 2023

Renamed tabs revert to original name.

Every time I select and view a tab it loses the name I've given it.

Frank Joel

Dec 5, 2022

Store renamed Filter across Chrome lifecycle

Probably this is a issue with another plugin. But I'm using:
in addition to your plugin. So after browser restart and restoring the tabs the "stored name" is gone.
It would be amazing if the name would stay present across lifecycle of chrome.

Probably this is a usecase if you just store the last session, close and restart chrome.
Thanks for reading, thanks for your plugin, thanks for caring!

Matt Squicciarini

Feb 20, 2020

Shortcut Key

This extension is great. So simple and easy to use. I love that the enter key renames the tab where some others make you click the button with the mouse.

In a similar fashion I would really love to be able to use a shortcut key to rename a tab so the mouse isn't necessary at all.

Richard Gross

Feb 15, 2019

Simple Tab Renamer

Are you the right person to contact for issues with Simple Tab Renamer on Firefox?

Jenny Allar

Jul 10, 2018

Error Occurred: Please reload tab and try again.

Has not worked on even one tab. Multiple chrome restarts and using most up to date version. Error came up with every attempt.

William Glidden

May 7, 2018

Does not work

Rename Icon allows input of new name but Rename button does not do anything.

Krazcy Waynes

Dec 11, 2016


keeep the tab new name after i close it and reopen please

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