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Brian Jensen

Dec 13, 2022

Opening links in a background tab no longer works.

All chromium browsers lost this ability after a recent browser update. Links are now opened in the foreground. No matter what setting you use.

Nathan Kester

Oct 31, 2022

Right Click opens in foreground now

This may be more Edge related, but suddenly I can no longer click a bunch of favorites as each one will open a new tab in the foreground no matter what I set the extension to.

Steve McWade

Oct 12, 2021

Adding tags

Hi, I have been trying to add tags to some of my bookmarks, i.e. "ctc" for Canadian Tire and am not successful. When I click on the tag icon in the bookmark column the "tags" window opens but nothing I can change/add or populate. Please help...

Nathan Kester

Feb 1, 2021


I've been having an issue on occasion where I'll open my tabs using the applet and then use CTRL+W (close window/tab) to get rid of the active tab only to have it suddenly enter some sort of Window mode. I found out that the W by itself supposedly triggers this, but I"m not ever simply pressing the W on its own. I can uncheck the "Window" option to get it back, but there should be an option where it's not so easy to do that without something else "Enable Window Mode" being active as well as a failsafe.

Jamel Farhan

Oct 21, 2020

Memilih bookmark google yg senang dibaca, senang dfaham, cantik,

Cantik, mudah, segera dan berwarna

Ulrike & Rolf

Sep 17, 2020

Simple Bookmarks

Ich finde die Erweiterung topp. Ich habe sie links neben Chrome angeordnet. Ich muss nach dem Start von Chrome aber immer erst auf den Stern klicken, damit die Lesezeichen aufgehen. Wie geht das automatisch beim Browserstart?

Pete Kokkinis

May 6, 2020

Please change these defaults...

Background: all to the right
Font; all to the left
Width: 300
Enable Context Menu: enabled
Auto Height: enabled
Expand Bookmarks Bar: enabled

Wade van Buskirk

Apr 30, 2020


Is there a way to store the popup content to speed things up? It's taking a long time for the menu to appear every time, seems like it needs to rebuild the menu from a mostly static array.

Vernon Bush

May 13, 2019

Bookmarks just disappeared from Chrome.

Clicking on Simple Bookmarks only "Bookmark" Folder is shown. However when I go into "Bookmarks Manager" I can see everything is still there. Thank you

Leo Graper

Dec 27, 2018

Please read our comments

Would be a waste of coding if you do not change certain things, most of the addon is super..!

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