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Gold de Great (Gold)Jun 3, 2024

great, but sim aquarium how much fish can the tank hold?

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Thanushree ThirumuruhanMay 19, 2024

i Love Lovee it so much me and my sis kept playing for hours : DDD

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XufiMay 26, 2023

Absolutely love this, though starting can be pretty hard but when you get through the process it's nice to farm! It starts off slow and I like it :oP

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Quỳnh LêMay 4, 2023

So bad, i couldn't even aford any of the decorations and we should start of with like a 1000$ insted ò like 100$. I would give this game a 0 star if could. The game was awful i had a bad experience with thí bad game. Dislike Dislike Dislike x 10000000000000000000000000000

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Dai Duong TranSep 18, 2022

A way to hack money: -Open AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\UserData\Default\Extensions\ aihjpkojknmkmmpeceojgaeccoeeaddo\2.1.6_0\js\config.js -Go to a place named /*** NEW GAME ***/ -Delete a function to reset your game (right under fishShop.init();) -Replace aquarium.addFish( 1, 0.9999 ); to aquarium.addFish( your fish ID, 0.9999 ); -Open AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Userata\Default\Extensions\ aihjpkojknmkmmpeceojgaeccoeeaddo\2.1.6_0\gfx\aquarium\fishes to see fish ID -From now you won't lose yo... Show more

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Quokka PassionAug 1, 2022

The items in the tank are really expensive, and I can't afford anything but guppies. I think the starting fish should cost more, and when we want to sell fishes the cost should not be cheaper. There really isn't much to do, (What are the Attract and Scare buttons for?) fish are so tiny I can't see which is which...

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DolaJul 21, 2022

scam it gave me a virus never download

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Ruchir RanjanFeb 16, 2022

Awesome extension.

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Thunder ClawSep 24, 2020

the fact that you can have your very own fish is kinda cool, its a great idea, but it would take me years to get enough money for other stuff, I think we should get more money, and it would be better if we could start with $1000 instead of just 100, or maybe you should make the stuff we buy cheaper, if we can't earn enough money its kinda pointless and boring, you can at least add an upgrade were we can tap the glass to scare the fish!

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Noodle Soop.Oct 30, 2019


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