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Marcus Morris

Apr 29, 2024

iFrame just tries to load, doesn't work

We have a number of ASL teachers trying to use this extension in our district. I have been trying to troubleshoot what could possibly be causing this to not work for them. It worked perfectly for me the first few times I tried to use it, and now it just sits trying to load the interpretation video in the iFrame (which is the issue they have).

I have cleared cookies, cache and history in the browser. I have disabled all other plugins, and closed all other tabs. I have tried new profiles in Chrome including domain managed accounts, personal and no accounts signed into the browser.

Plugin doesn't seem to work on Chromebooks, so I tested on other PCs. First few times I try to use it on a fresh computer it works, but eventually stops working like the others.

Lasheba Spencer (Sheba)

Apr 23, 2024

i have done downloading not letting me open

its npt working throw chorme. u need fix it some reason chorme block 3party or something mean u have find other way


Apr 11, 2024

not working

Not working to be downloaded to chrome

lacey friedman

Apr 21, 2023

I CANNOT get this to work!

argh!!!!!!!!! two days, 5 hours

Raschel Adams

Nov 15, 2022


Our family typically watches Disney+ or Netflix through our PS4 is there a way that the sign captions can be viewed through this method? We do have a Chromecast as well but this is not our usual way of viewing these channels.

Jordan Apgar

Aug 27, 2022

Can't resize window

I am unable to resize the signing window once it appears. I am able to move the window throughout the Disney+ video player, but no matter what corner or edge I mouse over, I am unable to resize the window to make it larger and easier to see.

Corrina Calzada

Aug 21, 2022

SignUp Captions


I have messaged numerous times before. I have yet to be able to use sign up captions on Disney+. I type this through tears. I just want to have the access for my daughter to watch the videos like everyone else who has had success. I went an purchased a new laptop today thinking the other 3 laptops I have attempted to use have been defective. A NEW laptop and it is still not working. Please help. Everytime I attempt to use the extension it shows "Play the movie to initiate captions." I have sent videos before showing how this is the error message that pops up. I don't know what I am doing incorrectly and I have not received any helpful information. I have tried to start the caption at 0:00 as someone suggested. I have installed and removed and reinstalled. I have made sure the chrome is the most updated version. I have purchased a NEW chromebook, specifically for this purpose. Specifically for chrome thinking that would make the chrome extension work. with no success. I am sad. I am frustrated. I am hoping for assistance and a solution.

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