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Robert Bush

May 8, 2024

Can't expand or contract saved tab groups

This is a fantastic extension... thanks for all your hard work on it!

The expand/contract arrows don't seem to work with saved tab groups (right-click on a tab group in the Chrome tab bar, select "Save"). They do react to expanding/contracting a saved tab group from the tab bar, but don't do anything on their own.

These arrows DO work just fine for unsaved tab groups. Would love to see them work for saved groups as well.
Running SideTab Pro v2.6 on Chrome 124.0.6367.119 (Official Build) (arm64)

Thank you!

Fernando Barrocal

Mar 11, 2024

Theme and Style

Great Work!
I just miss the option to chose the Theme (Dark/Light) myself. My Device (W11) uses Dark Theme for all apps but Chrome is and exception, where I force the Light theme, mostly because I have different Chrome themes for different profiles to identify them by color (Orange for Personal, Blue for Professional, etc...) So, my suggestion would be to add a config for choosing between Dark/Light and if you feel fancy, to inherit Chrome Themes color would be perfect!
Besides that, again, Great Work!

Edward Erris

Jan 15, 2024

Open SideTab Automatically

Is there any way to make SideTab activate automatically when Chrome starts? Most of my other extensions operate as soon as Chrome opens. Thanks.

Oscar Li

Jan 15, 2024

Change theme color

Hello, I have a dark themed Chrome appearance, but the side tab remains in light theme (default white) no matter how I switch my Chrome theme. I tried on different laptops and the problem remained. Any suggestion? Would it also be helpful just include a toggle to switch between light and dark for the SideTab?

Kyle Gibson

Dec 3, 2023

Request to sync with my other computer

Request to add a feature so that the open tabs and group organization can sync to my other computer.

Christopher Hunt

Nov 24, 2023

Remove Horizontal Tabs

Is there a way to remove the horizontal tabs if you have vertical tabs selected?

Ludwig Grandin

Oct 20, 2023

Recuce the minimum size of the panel

Your extension work pretty well. I would like to reduce the minimum with of the panel. Do you have any idea how to do it, if there is a file where I can configure that eventually ?

Adrian Whitfield

Sep 24, 2023

Not working for me.

Hi, this looks good but it's not working for me. When installed, the extension hides the browser's sidebar, and clicking on the sidebar button (icon) does not open the sidebar.

Using Brave on Manjaro.

Timotheus Teo

Sep 22, 2023

Pinned tabs

Hi! Thanks for the changes in separate the pinned tabs! Would it be possible to be able to minimize the pinned section in the vertical part? Because I have around 18 pinned tabs hahaha, so what happens is that the pinned tabs takes up almost 4/5 of the vertical section, leaving me only a small section to scroll. Appreciate the good work!

Jon Pan

Sep 20, 2023

left side

Can the sidebar be changed to the left sidebar.

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