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Oct 22, 2023


Hi, it looks like the extension doesn't block comment sections on Pinterest.
This is one of the few "social" sites I use on PC and one of the reasons I wanted this extension (it is full of annoying people lol) so would appreciate if that support could be added. ^^

maskvp mGy

Jan 27, 2023

New York Post

Does not work on one of the worst out there the NY post! Can you fix this please?


Jul 28, 2022

Doesn't seem to be working

Hi there, I've been using this extension for ages and it's great but recently, it seems to have stopped working. I can see comments on sites even when I have it set to no comments.

Dave W

Jul 19, 2022

Per Page Comment Blocking

Apologies if this function is available and I missed it. Would it be possible to add per page comment blocking to the extension? I ask specifically for reddit. There are some subs which are comment wastelands, but others which are more functional that benefit from being able to see comments. As an example, I follow a few subs for new subtitled content of Japanese TV - the comments often elaborate and give useful detail. Meanwhile the subs for Vegas locals where I live benefits greatly from having the comments off (especially if anything has a hint of political bend).

While I can easily turn on and off the comments manually, I have the turn off button off the toolbar so I am not tempted. So yes, what I am asking of you is because I have poor self control. However, if it was not difficult to add, it would be a greatly appreciated feature to an already excellent extension. Thanks!

Imran ALI

Dec 21, 2021

comment section access in social media platforms

I have a problem in my final year project I want to know that sir how did you access the comment sections of the websites.
in my project I need to access the comment section I will be your grateful to you.


May 27, 2021

It didn`t work on FB.

It didn`t work on FB.

Aron Strandberg

Mar 3, 2021

Doesn't block all comments on LinkedIn

Hello! Not all comments seem to be blocked successfully on LinkedIn (for me). It seems to only block replies in threads. Anything you can do in the css? Thanks for a great extension!

Артем Алексеев

Nov 4, 2020

Allowed list

Hi, where is and how the list of allowed sites stored? I would like save and transfer it between browsers, at least manually.

Timofey Sherudilo

Oct 15, 2020 still not perfect

OK, reposts on are fine now, but another older bug still exists. When in the Recommendations (random news) section, from time to time – when looking at images in the imageviewer, closing the viewer brings me to the top of the page, and sometimes to the News section (upper level). I didn't see this behaviour in Firefox. And this occurs not every time I close a news.

Timofey Sherudilo

Oct 12, 2020

VK.COM problems

Hides the entire reposts in the conversations, not only comments. Also, breaks the HTML structure, as it seems, when reading news/site recommendations, so when closing a post, I lose the place where I was reading.

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