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Whitepaw Rolls

Aug 5, 2023

No longer working

This works fine if you have it already installed, but recent update broke it for fresh installs.

Gideon van Melle

Jul 5, 2023

are you able to fix chrome:/apps layout as it was intended?

Google changed the view of the chrome://apps window to black with small icons. Can't even add items to it anymore.

Brigitte W.

Jul 2, 2023

What changed? How do I change it back?

I've been using this for years, and suddenly today the page has a black background and sites saved are small. As I haven't the best eyesight, this is difficult for me. I inspected the source code, and the color has changed to "dark." Changing it "light" was not allowed.
Thoughts and recommendations?

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 17, 2021

Synced Chrome to new computer, only Chrome Store shows in New Tab

As mentioned above, when I Synced my Chrome to a new computer, the new tab only showed the Chrome Web Store app, but none of the others. I tried updating the app, but it didn't fix it either. It still works fine on my old computer. Is this a bug, or did Google bork something?

William Keith

Sep 22, 2020

something is missing

look like everything is back to default or something, all my shortcuts are gone

Ater Fox

Jun 25, 2020

Screen jumps on new tab automatically

recently when i use my middle mouse button to open a new tap chrome jumps to that tab?
any fix for this problem?

Martin Elsigan

Jun 12, 2020

Address bar not focused when opening new tab

Since last Chrome update, my address bar is not being focused anymore when opening a new tab. Pretty please fix it. This is super annoying.

Dario Barbone

Jun 5, 2020

Cursor in search bar

Hi! Cursor does not appear in search bar anymore when opening a new tab. Equals two extra clicks to bring it there and start typing. Can it be fixed? This broke recently. Maybe it was for an update to Chrome?

Steffen Trog

May 29, 2020

Fix URL not highlighted (or just go open source)

As of Chrome 83, the URL bar is no longer highlighted when opening a new tab. Removing this extension from chrome restores this behaviour, but that's clearly not desired.

Please open source the extension. (I did not find the repo after checking your GitHub page.) If you don't want to do this for some reason, please fix the above issue instead.

Luke Davis

Apr 18, 2019

Get black text on dark gray background in macOS Mojave dark mode

With macOS Mojave dark mode, I get black text on a dark background. Could you fix this so that in dark mode, the app description text is white?

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