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Yami Lei

Feb 23, 2023

Icon greyed out

I added the chrome extension for, but the icon got greyed out and I couldn't use it. Thanks!

Basics Life

Nov 23, 2022

Not showing all Apps

Hi Team,
Its not working , its shows only 4 apps but other apps are not showing that website having more than 10 apps but its showing only 4 pls checks once and let me know

Cathy Vy

Apr 14, 2021

Not working?

It's supposed to just work when I switch to a tab/website with Shopify on it?

Dana Fabia

Aug 27, 2020

hi there

i installed the google extension but its inactive - is it working ?

Neha Gupta

Jan 31, 2020

This is not working or i dont know how to use it

This is not working or i dont know how to use it, I removed the extension, need how to use guide

Sean pH Campbell (pH)

Jan 8, 2019

Out of the Sandbox Themes

Sean Campbell here, the Project Manager from Out of the Sandbox. AMAZING extension, this could help us out a great deal in our theme support department!

So far, I'm not sure that it can detect our popular Turbo theme, which is not available on the Shopify Theme Store - if there's anything I can help with to 'add' Turbo to your list of 'scanned' themes?

Thanks again for this app, it's a huge help!

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