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Quickly download Shopee images with one click using our browser extension; high-quality, user-friendly, and offers bulk downloads.

The Shopee Images Downloader Browser extension is here to revolutionize the way you download images. Effortlessly download high-resolution images from product listings with just a single click. This extension is the perfect tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily gather images for design projects, printing, archiving, or even casual browsing. Key Features: - One-Click Download: You can obtain all the images associated with a product instantly. - Bulk Download Options: Choose to download images individually or zip them together for a convenient bulk download. - User-Friendly: No technical or coding skills are needed to use this extension. It’s designed to be intuitive and straightforward for all users. - High-Quality Images: The extension ensures that you get the best quality product photos for your needs. How It Works: 1. Navigate to your desired product page on 2. Locate the “download icon” positioned at the top right of the product listing images. 3. Click on the icon, and a popup window will appear, showcasing all the product listing images. 4. You can then proceed to download the images either one by one or in a zip file for bulk saving. Who Can Benefit from Shopee Images Downloader? Whether you're a casual shopper, a shop owner, or a power user, this Browser extension is crafted to enhance your experience. It's a simple yet powerful tool that brings Shopee images to your desktop with unparalleled ease. Get Started Now Embrace the simplicity of downloading product images. Add this extension to your browser today and start downloading what you need without the hassle. Data Privacy Your data stays on your device and is not stored or transmitted to our servers. We prioritize keeping your information secure and confidential. Disclaimer This independent project was developed by ExtensionBox and has no relationship to Shopee Inc.

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  • Versi
  • Diupdate
    2 Februari 2024
  • Ukuran
  • Bahasa
    54 bahasa
  • Developer
    Situs Web
  • Non-pedagang
    Developer ini tidak mengidentifikasi diri sebagai pedagang. Bagi konsumen di Uni Eropa, perlu diperhatikan bahwa hak konsumen tidak berlaku untuk kontrak antara Anda dan developer ini.


Shopee One-Click Image Saver telah mengungkapkan informasi berikut ini terkait pengumpulan dan penggunaan data Anda. Informasi lebih mendetail dapat dilihat di kebijakan privasi developer.

Shopee One-Click Image Saver menangani hal berikut:

Informasi identitas pribadi

Developer ini menyatakan bahwa data Anda

  • Tidak dijual ke pihak ketiga, di luar kasus penggunaan yang disetujui
  • Tidak digunakan atau ditransfer untuk tujuan yang tidak terkait dengan fungsi inti item
  • Tidak digunakan atau ditransfer untuk menentukan kelayakan kredit atau untuk tujuan pinjaman


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