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angel lei

Mar 17, 2024

kkday的現金回贈 - URGENT

我想查詢KKDAY的這個 " 芬蘭羅瓦涅米近郊一日遊Polar Explorer極地探險號破冰船&冰海漂浮體驗" 的活動有多少%的現金回贈,請幫忙盡快回覆,謝謝!

Kim Bennett

Feb 15, 2024

Shopback on Slimjet Browser

How to add shopback button to Slimjet


Jan 21, 2024

Can't track the Deliveroo

It can not link to Deliveroo correctly when I am on Deliveroo website.
It always links to USelect.
My Deliveroo orders have never been successfully tracked.

JWon Choi

Dec 7, 2023

계정이 있는데 없다고 합니다

제 이메일과 핸드폰 으로 계정이 있는데,
다시 로그인하려니
없는 계정이라고 합니다

무엇이 문제일까요?

Dennis Cheng

Nov 24, 2023

怎樣找到每間店的SHOPBACK 優惠嗎?

怎樣找到每間店的SHOPBACK 優惠嗎?

Nurul Syamira

Nov 5, 2023

Shopback web not activate in Tripvisor

The Shopback extension on chrome web not activate in Tripvisor. Please help check

Samantha May

Sep 19, 2023

Safari extension

Keen to use ShopBack extension on safari desktop (not mobile).

Zhen Hong Lee

Sep 19, 2023

Scrolling watchlist on extension makes my whole chrome lags out

Please fix this bug ASAP, its annoying

Tania Towers

Aug 17, 2023

loading of shop back

Ive requested shop back on my chrome web browser but it has not loaded

Vanessa Bishton

Mar 7, 2023

not getting green symbol when logged in using chrome browser

I am not getting the green symbol after logging in on my chrome broswer suddenly. I have missed cash backs as I only just realised even if I see the
'activated" it is not recording the sale. I checked, it is definitely connected to chrome as only option is to remove it from browser?

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