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Samia Diya

Mar 18, 2024

Not working on my laptop

"Try another website. It seems like the current webpage does not allow shimejis. Open another website and try again or visit for help."
This extension is somehow not loading in new tabs for me. And is showing me the above mentioned message.

Ng Uyenn

Mar 10, 2024


Trang web của tôi không hiện lên nhân vật, đã làm nhiều cách nhưng không được

Yaneisy Triana

Nov 7, 2023

Too many spawn

I have a couple of problems with the Shimeji for a while now. First, the Shimeji would spawn way too much. I almost had them cover the whole screen once. I thought the limit was 3 at a time. Second, The right-click feature doesn't work for me anymore. The little menu doesn't show up anymore and instead makes them go away. I love having my little Shimeji but it's not good if I can't see the screen.

Quỳnh Trang Lưu

Nov 2, 2023

không mở được


Willow Tree

Oct 26, 2023

cant change shimeji

I have had this problem for awhile now and sometimes it will work, ... for five mins then it wont let me spawn my shimeji or change it, I have seen this is a big problem that´s happening to many people not just me so i hope you will take notice of this and fix it as soon as possible.

Maap g kenal

Oct 25, 2023

i can't add my shimeji

idk why, i can't add my shimeji the app tell me to install the app, but i already installed. I hope the creator can fixs this fast...

Deema Saleh (Deema)

Oct 22, 2023

cant change shimeji

it shows i never downloaded the extension but i did so i cant change it


Oct 22, 2023

Cant change shimeji

I cannot change my shimeji, whenever i try to it tells me to install the extension but i already have it installed. please fix it

Camila Pintos

Oct 21, 2023

cuando quiero poner un shimeji no me deja cuando quiero cambiar de personaje tampoco me deja dice que tengo que instalarlo pero ya lo instale y cuando quiero cambiar de pagina no aparece mi shimeji :(

no me deja poner el shimeji dice que tengo que instalarlo pero ya lo tengo instalado y cuando cambio de pagina no aparece mi shimeji :(


Oct 15, 2023

Change Character

I want to change my Character but when I try it tells me I have to add the extension, even though I already have it. And it will not let me do anything else. Can you please tell me what I need to do, because I love your extension and don't want to have to leave it.

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