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ShiftReader - Speed Read the Web

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23 ratings

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London McDougalMar 2, 2023

Doesn't work. Tried using ALT + S on a PDF and got an error message. I was asked to highlight the text and right click in order to use Shiftreader. The text was several pages but I wanted to test it with just a paragraph. After highlighting and right clicking the page just froze in place(but not frozen since I could still right click and type in the browser) forcing me to restart the page and try again. I wasted probably ten minutes trying to make this work when I could have been reading.

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DorianMar 4, 2022

It says that you have to create an account so it can save settings and statistics. That is BS, because those can be saved in chrome sync storage, and maybe I don't care about them. It should say that it wants you register so it can track you, and potentially leak your data a few years from now.

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Matthew Bennett-LoveseyJun 4, 2021

Requires you to register, under the guise of needing a login to save your settings. Blatant lies aside, you shouldn't need to send data to anyone.

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Daun OzunaDec 28, 2020

This extension behaves like my favorite speed reading solution "eyercise," and because it allows chunking per fixation point actually improves one's reading ability in general over that lousy rsvp method which will eventually lead to depth-perception issues (a _common_ outcome of staring at screens for hours). Morbid fact: The average person will spend 44 years of their life staring at screens. My personal favorite setup is green highlight color, dark red highlight background, and dark blue p... Show more

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Pan PawełJul 9, 2020

The one speed reading extension that actually works. It helps to form habits that carry over to real-life reading and allows you to read with all the context (page layout, text structure, pictures and video clips) still available, unlike almost all typical rapid visualization readers. Very kind and responsive developer, lots of options.

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Clark PearsonApr 16, 2020

This is the best speed reading tool for browsers! My only wish is that it could read Kindle Cloud Reader books. Thanks!

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Ali E.Apr 16, 2020

Excellent app! Would go premium if RTL support is added.

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OsakaApr 16, 2020

I would say it is a fantastic way of reading. I am still getting my head around it in terms of speed and word chunks, but it is really good overall

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Esteban CancinoApr 15, 2020

WOW best speed reader that i found, thanks a lot , amazing work,

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Piyush KumarApr 12, 2020

I am a doctor from India and I'd like to share my feedback. It's not a magic bullet, but since a lot of the reading material are PDFs, ePubs, other online resources, I found that using shiftreader very helpful. It is a digital equivalent to a finger that you use to guide your eyes on a printed book. So reading complex and lengthy material doesn't feel intimidating because you are now going slowly word by word until it comes to an end. You just don't feel the pressure. And yes, for my fir... Show more

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