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Simon Arnold

Jan 27, 2023

Extension grayed out (blocked) in Chrome extensions

The extension was working but is now blocked (grayed out) in Chrome. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue persists. How can I re-enable it?

Justin Reid

Jan 27, 2023

No Longer Working

Is the new chrome update interferring with ShiftClick?

Hanako Imada

Oct 21, 2022


Is there a way download the image right away (not going to

Carolina Torres Moens

Oct 7, 2021

Following the instructions on how to use it doesn't do it :(

WHne I click "Shift + Click" all it does is coping the URL I am in... Ho w do I actually extract images with this? Thanks

Mark Francis Berndt

Sep 16, 2021

remove private image from website

My personal information was uploaded to website!! How do I remove this image from the public website? The support page says to contact you via twitter posting the public accessible image link in a public tweet isn't a solution... please help

PEI Archery

Jan 15, 2021

I cannot right click on a image

please fix your issue
when ever i try to shift click i just
get Oops, something went wrong.

Shafer Bookkeeping

Nov 30, 2020


I just downloaded this extension and have not been able to get it to work. I have tried everything (alternative combinations) and have not been able to get anything.

Gabriel Ardiles

Mar 25, 2019

Error everytime i try and shift-click.

error text:
Oops, something went wrong!
A fatal error occurred. Sorry about that. Maybe we need to replace our hamsters.

If you have a github account, please open a bug report.

Has something happened?

William Lucic

Mar 9, 2018

Other modifier keys

I really like the extension, but it would be much easier to make it play nicely with other mod-key-clicks if I could choose some combination of ctrl, alt, shift, and cmd/win to be the mod key for shiftclick.
Thanks for the simple, clean extension!

Nina Harcus

Aug 15, 2017

Saved images not opening in Adobe CC programs

"Could not apply the workspace because of a problem parsing the JPEG data."

I have recently been receiving these errors whenever I try to open the JPEGs in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator... Any tips on how to fix this?

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