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SharePass - Share Accounts. Not Passwords.

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Rana Nabeel

Sep 28, 2023

want to share

i want to share account with my friend that isn't happening i don't know why there is website can you please resolve my issue. if it is happening with everyone i can understand that but this is happening only with me my other friends are sharing this account with friends


Jan 19, 2022

Indication temps restant


Il y a-t-il un indicateur du temps restant de partage et avec qui ?
Car j'ai partager un lien sur 2 semaines mais je ne sais pas combien de temps il reste.

Ebadul Islam

Jan 8, 2022

how i can prevent from re share?

i see in friends account Re-share available.
Now how i can prevent them to re share.
waiting for your response.

Melo Yap

Dec 12, 2021

Stand Alone

Hi, do you have any stand alone of this app so i can manage sharing using my mobile phone? or can you customize? thnx

Martina R

Sep 25, 2021

Stoping sharepass

If i delete the extension will it automatically stop sharing my account?

Bandaru Lakshmi Naidu

Jun 6, 2021

I have a doubt

My bro was Created a App {My OTT Box} in that app we have to publish this feature can help me please

D Pr

Mar 25, 2021

New Username each time

How do we keep the username? I installed used a username and had to uninstall and now says user already exists. Yes I am the user. Is there a way to save your credentials and use them on all computers so we can see what we still have shared and what others have shared with us.

Nirajan kc

Sep 17, 2020


Hi, when i add this extension to my chrome and try to sign in, it has information with another language that i cant understand. Why is it so?

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