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SharePass - Share Accounts. Not Passwords.

46 ratings

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4.5 out of 5

46 ratings

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Mehedi Hasan AkashMay 24, 2024

Great app but without sign-in feature. Can you please use sign-in feature as i can re-access my password if i uninstall/reinstall my browser?

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Camil GhostineApr 11, 2022

It is a very clever and safe way to share accounts. BUT, we should be able to share more than 2 weeks like 1 month and I'd like to change my SPID. I put a 3/5 cause I always wanted to share accounts but not the passwords. I would put 5/5 if you consider adding only those 2 possibilities. Otherwise it would be absolutely splendidly excellent !

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Darshit MulaniJun 8, 2021

Simple, quick, and beauitful! Thanks for making this possible. There are few suggestions like sometimes we have to signout and signin again to create a new session in order for to work for friends. 2. We are currently testing that if the session is getting expired or not if the other person have removed/disabled extension after signing in to the shared password account. Wonderful! Thanks for this app

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sukanyaMay 3, 2021

I added it but i could not get pass the sign up page because it would not allow me to sign up no matter what i did it kept on saying '[object] [object]' when i clicked sign up i had real high expectations and i decided to ask a friend to test it out to see if the problem was on my end of things and they had the same issues that i had

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Share PassDeveloperMay 3, 2021

Hi Suki, So sorry that happened to you - I have a feeling this might have occurred during our server upgrade. I just tested this out and it seems to work for me now. Can you please retry? Thanks, SharePass Team

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Liesel KidleyApr 9, 2021

I like the idea of it, but everytime I shared something with someone I (A) couldn't tell if it worked until someone told me it did, and (B) it would come up with a notification on my computer that wouldn't go away saying that my access was revoked, and wouldn't let me use my chrome until I removed the extension. If they could fix this bug it would be really helpful because I love the idea of this and it seems to work on the receiving end.

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Share PassDeveloperApr 9, 2021

Hi Liesel, We appreciate you taking the time to helping us make SharePass the best app it can be! (A) is definitely a fair point - we'll look at adding receipt confirmation in an upcoming update soon. If you have any preference on how this should look feel free to shoot us an email at to detail your feature request! Point (B) is the first we've heard of this issue - sounds like a glitch that we'll need to look into. Thanks again for trying out SharePass, we'll do our best to make sure you have the best app experience! Warm Regards, SharePass Team

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Ryan CarloApr 5, 2021

This is very helpful for my studies!

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sawyer beckFeb 2, 2021

Works great and was fun to use for a while and would expire whenever I would set the time to. But recently I shared my Hulu with a friend for 4 hours, and it never expired, and a month later, they still have access to my account. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

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Share PassDeveloperFeb 2, 2021

Hi PotatoTrix, This is definitely unusual, we'll take a look at it and hopefully fix it for the next update. In terms of logging your friend out, you should be able to do this directly via Hulu by looking for the manage signed-in devices / log out of all devices page. Thanks again for reporting this issue - it helps us improve SharePass! Kind Regards, SharePass Team

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Craig BourneDec 15, 2020

Does not work. Recipient exist in "Accounts" but there is no way to add them to the empty list of Accounts (the tab is unresponsive. One star is, arguably, too high a rating.

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Share PassDeveloperDec 17, 2020

Hey Craig, That doesn't sound right - we're sorry about the experience you had! Can you please confirm you followed the user guide available at If you are still getting this issue please email us at with more details so we can fix it for you. Kind Regards, SharePass Team

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Glasha BelNov 2, 2020

They are really saving a lot of people with this one, work smarter not harder. Doing gods work here. very clean layout as well! I would recommend joining their discord chat so you can find others to trade accounts with, grammerly premium and chegg are in really high demand so if you have those you can probably get every other subscription out there.

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AO11Sep 15, 2020

Absolutely Amazing. They even have a discord server where they give away different accounts for 2 weeks and is the best user experience from any compony ever

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