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林 Lin昭辰 Chao-Chen Jack Kenichi YEG

Nov 23, 2022

Broken Shareaholic App

Excuse me, but so it's seemed to me that you haven't reset and restarted your Broken Shareaholic App yet. So then, who could go fix it all-out asap, please?

R. E. Harrelson

Feb 27, 2022

Message+ as option?

Can I add "Message+" to your drop down options?
I am very pleased with Shareholic...thank you very much for offering it!
Dr. H.

John Luttrell

Jan 25, 2022

shareaholic no longer works with gmail

When I use shareahiolic to send a link via Gmail, I get a text box saying "Hold on, retrieving short URL" and nothing happens. Have used shareaholic for years and has quit working for a week or so. Pls advise.

Neal Sherod

Aug 20, 2021

Doesn't work any more

I used to be able sent myself a website from gmail. no gmail listed????

Randy Orwin

Jan 31, 2021

Shareaholic for Google Chrome is broken

I have used Shareaholic for Chrome for years and now it appears to be broken. On all 3 of my browser profiles, when I click the "More" button in the drop down menu I always get an error that says "Your file couldn’t be accessed". Is there a way to fix this?

Judy Koehr

Nov 15, 2020


Can I add MeWe to the list that I can share with......

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 20, 2018


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Doug Fender

Oct 21, 2018

Does this mean UN / Passwords I enter are intercepted?

when it states that the add on reads all website data I visit, does this mean UN / Passwords I enter are intercepted?

Caroline Fierro

Aug 5, 2018


shareaholic won't share, new or videos

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 16, 2018

address book

Hi, up till yesterday, I had just to begin writing the name of the intended recipient (from my gmail account) and the name appeared in the adressee line (on top of the gmail page where the link has been added. But now this gmail version integrated with shareaholic doesn't recognize the names from the gmail address book. Please help. Thanks, Branko

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