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Joe Hilby

Sep 29, 2023

Ideas seen from other similar extensions

Really like all of the links added! Two features to add if considering upgrades: Full page or thumbnail options to the link when sending an email, and secondly, a right click menu from anywhere on a page (for all the same options shown on the toolbar). Great stuff, thanks!

Email Tabs ─
Simple Share (for right click)

michael quimby

Oct 19, 2021

Share tools does not work!

will not let me share and no error message either!!

Pat C.

Jan 4, 2021

I get an error popup

When I try to add your Share Tools extension to my chrome browser, I get a popup that says, " An error has occurred, Download interrupted". I tried a few other extensions for Parler and same thing happens. What could be blocking this installation? This does not happen on "all" extensions I try to download.

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