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Ken Mandelberg

Jun 11, 2024


Can you add Thunderbird as an option?

Greg Brown

Feb 20, 2024

Have Chrome keep the same tab active instead of activating the last open tab in Chrome

Currently, when you use the extension it shifts the active Chrome tab to the last open tab. Please have it maintain the current tab. Thanks!


Dec 29, 2023

No longer uses default email client

I have used Share for a long time with my default email client - Thunderbird. When the icon was clicked Thunderbird opened with the link in the body. Now nothing happens and the only way I have been able to send links is with the Gmail setting. Any suggestions for restoring the original behavior?

Fred Newman

Dec 12, 2023

Can no longer launch extension in Chrome

When I right-click on a webpage in Chrome the extension is no longer listed. I use Outlook 2021. It worked perfectly for years. Please advise. Thank you.

Greg Carey (gregknowlife)

Dec 11, 2023

not working

Its currently not working on any device i have. not sure if this is due to the update yesterday on the 10th. or a new chrome ver. Basic troubleshooting done, uninstall reinstall add in uninstall reinstall chrome. tried on windows 7 vs 10 vs 11. same problem.

tai run

Nov 16, 2023

where could download the whatsapp

can not download newest whatsapp to Andriod phones

Star Materials

Nov 14, 2023

Doesn't close tab after sending

Thank you for this - saves many steps.

It used to, after I sent email and a time out, close the new tab it opened.

It now sends the email but leaves the tab open and the only indication that it was sent is a message in the lower left - but I have to close the tab myself.

I have to check my email sent to verify before I close the tab.

A minor thing - but a change.

Wes K

Sep 3, 2023

Not working with AOL

Hello - The extension quit working with AOL when they did their recent major update. If you could fix this, it would be greatly appreciated! Instead of opening an email, it gives you this message: Page not available The requested page is not available on Mail. If you aren't maintaining this extension any longer, could you please let us know so that we can look for a new option?

Chris Piscitelli

Aug 21, 2023

AOL not working

Opens Aol page not available. I see others have same issue. Reason for no fix or even response. Just typical. like every thing else in this world no one cares or does there job. Even if free don't offer if doesn't work. How about saying something.

Christopher Lipinski

Jul 24, 2023

AOL not working

Getting a "Page not available".
Seems like the "ComposeMessage.aspx" webpage is no longer the Compose Mail method.

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