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Hannah Broch

May 26, 2024

not locking when logging out and back into chrome

I used this lock for a while happily but in the past day it is not locking the browser if i close it and then open it again
Similarly, if it asks for the password and the user either types in the incorrect password or cancels the modal, when he again logs into chrome it will not ask him for a password
Are you going to be fixing this?

Qaiser Mahmood

May 23, 2024

The extension is not working

I added the extention and set a password for my chrome profile, But after that chrome closes and when I reopen my profile it's not asking password

Robert Griffiths

May 23, 2024

Locking me out of one of my laptops only

I am being denied access to my chrome profile on just one of my laptops. I am using the correct passcode as I can get into all my other laptops using the same code.

I have removed the extension on the profile that I can access, but I'm still locked out on the one laptop.

You need to advise me what to do so I can get back into my laptop asap

Eka Rizky Saputra

May 17, 2024


hello, i didn't set password but it lock. how can i open it?

Anamul Haque

May 11, 2024

Cannot log in and "Password Recovery" process fails with "something went wrong: error"

how can i remove it?

Angioclin Ultrassonografia

May 2, 2024

Esqueci a senha

Boa tarde!
Esqueci a senha , como faço para recuperar ?
Tive que entra em outro navegador.

Tayyeba Ahmad

Apr 30, 2024

Forgot password, How to recover it?

I forgot my password and there is no method available to recover it. Please guide..

Akash Kumar

Apr 24, 2024


If u r locked out and want to recover ur browser, mail me on

Card Make

Apr 18, 2024

Iam Not Setup Password But is Working ? I Need default password

I Need default password

Iolanda Miyake

Apr 13, 2024


Quero recuperar minha senha não lembro dela

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