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Kiku Yang

Nov 17, 2020

Chinese Tranditional??

In the right-click menu have one choice is Chinese Tranditional, should be Chinese Traditional, right?

Gigi Jovial

Sep 3, 2020

The extension doesn't install in the right-click context menu. (Opera 58)

It used to work. Then I disabled it. After reenabling it, the extension stopped working. Tried to reinstall, not visible in right-click menu, not working from toolbar (always grey).

Errors in console:

Uncaught Error: Invalid value for argument 2. Property '.2': Value must be one of: [blocking, responseHeaders].
at validate (extensions::schemaUtils:34:13)
at validateListenerArguments (extensions::webRequestEvent:19:5)
at WebRequestEventImpl.addListener (extensions::webRequestEvent:92:3)
at WebRequestEvent.publicClassPrototype.(anonymous function) [as addListener] (extensions::utils:138:26)
at chrome-extension://bpojelgakakmcfmjfilgdlmhefphglae/bg.js:84:37

ming Moo

Aug 28, 2020

Weyback Machine

Sa Su

Jul 20, 2020

Show current Character-Set for Page

Would be nice if you could show the current Caracter-Set which is loaded.
E.g if you open Contextmenu, it could be placed in brackets like: `Set Character Encoding (current: page-default [utf-8]).

Ralph Pellegrino

Apr 19, 2020

Trade Mark ™

My website shows the trademark sign improperly like this:10DegreeRule©™ instead of this "10DegreeRule™©"

James T Kelley

Dec 23, 2019

Allow users to disable the context menu option

This is not an addon that the user will use all that often--most web pages have their character encoding set properly. It doesn't need quick access in the right-click menu.

Furthermore, Chrome seems to be putting things in the right-click menu that have been set as "click to activate" (which I use for your addon as it avoids having to run pages through your extension when I haven't changed the character encoding.) So people are now getting a lot more menu items. So I am going around asking nearly all extensions that don't absolutely require the context-menu options to provide a way to turn them off.

z m

Oct 14, 2019

Tabs text in Georgian is not displayed

I cannot see any more headers of tabs of Georgian sites. instead of Georgian letters, squares are visible.
My Google Chrome is up to date
Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Zhe Huang

May 24, 2019

Can I know what's the encoding for use page default?

I have an encoding issue, it can be resolved by choosing UTF-8, but I want to figure out what the error is. Anyway to know what the encoding is being used for 'Use page default'?

Huw Jaerry

Feb 26, 2019

Chrome 右键菜单里不再出现了,上周都是好好的



Feb 26, 2019

doesnt work

It doesnt show up after right clicking, chrome 70.0.3538.102

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