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John Smith

Jul 16, 2021

Making it Open Source

Our team would like to use this tool, and improve on it. Could you please make it Open Source ? Thanks

Timothy Lewis

Feb 16, 2021

Please return the old functionality

I have to type sn [tab] rather than sn [space] to do a lookup this is a really annoying update as my muscle memory and the natural thing to do is type sn [space] followed by the query. Please can you offer a choice.

Stephanie Grosz

Feb 13, 2021

Lookup no longer brings up ServiceNow lookup by default

When typing "sn" Chrome now defaults to searching Google. I have to manually click Service Now Lookup in the drop down when searching. This started happening today and was working beautifully yesterday. The company that I work for has many users that utilize your extension. Would you be able to patch it?

Matthew Wilson

Aug 14, 2019

Could we add multiple instances?

Hello again,

Another cool feature I saw on another Google Chrome Extension was adding multiple instances. It would be nice if there was a way for me to enter multiple instances with multiple keywords, such as the following:
1. SNP -
2. SNT -
3. SND -

This would give me quick access to search multiple instances for a result without being stuck only searching my Production or Test instance. Thanks in advance!

Matthew Wilson

Aug 14, 2019

Please add a new recognizable prefix


ServiceNow has added the prefix CS, i.e. CS0012345, as a record type. This is for the CSM (Customer Service Management) functionality. Would you be able to add CS to this extension? Thank you!

wesley da silva

Aug 13, 2018


Please in next update include the option to add other servers. i'm a consultant and sometimes need to open the snow of different companies in the same day.


Andrew Curtis

Apr 25, 2018

search filter for CIs

It would be great if you could another search filter for CIs so that an exact match for a CI search term would take you straight to the CI rather than a list of all mentions of the search term.


Jason Orchard

Mar 20, 2018

REQ not found

Hi, Love the add on when it works, INC work fine, but when searching for REQ this doess not work

Ludovic Lassagne

Oct 20, 2017

Customize prefixes

Since Jakarta version, our tickets prefixed with TCK (for incident table) or CHG (for change_request table) and others apart form INC and PRB tickets are not found directly in direct search mode.
Is there a way to add new prefixes or just plainly do exact search match.
If you use url as follow [your instance]/
it does directly find the ticket. If just xxxxx is used at the end with same url, it opens the search result page without issues. Could you plainly use "" in any search ??

John S

Oct 9, 2017

CHG Search

Not sure when the last update went in but I'm now having issues when searching for CHG tickets. Previously, any exact match would take me directly in to the CHG request but now I'm directed to a list of related matches. Help!

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