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Özgür Erdoğan

May 24, 2021

More than 3 letters.

Can not I type more than 3 letters for nnemonics?

Gary Bond

Nov 16, 2017


Any idea how, when using Fiddler, I can get ServerIp to show the IP address of the far server and not which appears to be from the Fiddler proxy ?

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 28, 2014

IPv6 support

On IPv6 sites the plug is showing the first group. It would be more useful to show the last group of digits.

Jake McCrary

May 22, 2014

Default Mnemonic

I would like to add a default mnemonic. Thank you.

J. Jones

Sep 10, 2013

Colors for IP ranges?

Hi, my company has a large range of IP addresses, and I would like to be able to assign a special color/mnemonic to ranges at a time. Would it be possible to add, say, or at least 10.0.0.* ?

This would make my life much easier than having to add a few hundred IP addresses by hand! Thanks!

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